We Transform
lives with tech

We challenge ourselves and others to think differently about the relationship between tech and society.

Our purpose is to transform lives with tech

The internet has revolutionised our world. We exist to ensure that the ongoing tech revolution delivers positive and equitable social impact: that when our lives are transformed by tech, they are transformed for the better.

Our vision is for a world where social transformation is the driving force behind tech

Tech can open up opportunities previously out of reach, creating inspirational change. Our experience shows that when social transformation is the driving force behind tech, it has the greatest potential to improve lives. This is why we want a world where people’s needs inform and shape tech from the outset, to deliver the best return for everyone.

We’ll achieve our vision by leading, enabling and investing

We identify where tech has the greatest potential to transform lives, then back people and organisations to demonstrate what’s possible. Building on this knowledge, we seek out and join forces with others to create a supportive environment for those striving to realise the full promise of socially motivated tech.

Our values define who we are and guide our decisions and behaviour. We are:


Our core purpose is at the heart of what we do – we transform lives with tech. Whether we’re leading the conversation about transformative tech, enabling socially motivated tech ventures to grow, or directly investing in change, we work hard to achieve our vision – and deliver with pride.


We believe in an inclusive society and collaborate with others who share our vision. We encourage transparency of communication, and consolidate and share the knowledge we create.


Our agile approach explores new ways to address persistent social challenges, evaluating their potential. We seek out and support creative solutions that use tech to overcome barriers. We celebrate success and learn fast from failure.