How we work

We lead. We enable. We invest.

Whether we’re convening influencers, establishing the right conditions for socially motivated tech to thrive or investing directly in ventures, we aspire to make social transformation the driving force behind tech. We work in three ways:

We lead the conversation

Some of our most persistent social challenges transcend geographic borders – much like tech. That’s why we’re leading a global conversation through initiatives such as NT100, in pursuit of a greater understanding of the relationship between tech and society. By collaborating with others, we can more swiftly realise our vision of social transformation as the driving force behind tech.

We enable growth

We actively nurture a support network, providing the resources that enable socially motivated organisations to thrive and grow. Working with others, we encourage innovation, promote diversity and provide growth funding, sharing our insights along the way.

We invest in change

As the UK’s leading dedicated funder of socially motivated tech, we focus on tackling specific social challenges to deliver significant and measurable impact. Investing in organisations that demonstrate what tech can make possible, we create and share transferable models that others can adopt and scale.