We work with strategic partners to realise the potential for tech to support social and environmental change. Our accelerators, innovation challenges and prizes are designed to identify and amplify the positive impact that early-stage tech companies deliver.

If you’re interested in creating a world where social transformation is the driving force behind tech, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us: Hello@socialtechtrust.org

GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator

GoodTech Ventures and GoodTech Accelerator

GoodTech Ventures Community is a cross-sector initiative that nurtures tech solutions with significant social impact. It supports tech innovation in social and public services, streamlining the scaling of early-stage, impact-driven tech ventures. The GoodTech Accelerator, launching in February 2024, aims to empower tech entrepreneurs with essential tools, knowledge, and connections. The founder-focused program offers expert events, strategic introductions, personal guidance, Innovation Lab access, and grant funding opportunities. Key collaborators include Social Tech Trust, Catch22, Unity Ventures, Ufi VocTech Trust, Microsoft, and the UK government, with backing from  the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. To learn more about the community and apply for the Accelerator, visit the GoodTech Ventures website. 

Social Tech Amplifier

Social Tech Amplifiers

The Social Tech Amplifier, in partnership with Catch 22 and UFI VocTech Trust, and supported by Hatch and Microsoft, aims to bring more tech and tech-enabled innovations into public service delivery and unlock opportunities in the public sector supply chain. We are working with partners to scale ventures that support young people to access jobs and navigate the future of work.  As a growth-focused accelerator we are helping 11 ventures prepare for scale through venture development activities and access to investment. Social Tech Trust is contributing masterclasses, mentors and networks that advances venture development, impact management and investment readiness for the ventures. More information on the ventures taking part in the programme can be found here.

AI for Social Impact - in partnership with Microsoft

Since 2018, we have run 4 accelerators in partnership with Microsoft and Microsoft for Startups. This ongoing programme reflects our shared belief that the biggest opportunity for AI is when people shape it to create the future they want to see. These accelerators include:

  • 2022 – AI for Sustainability
  • 2021 – AI for Social Impact
  • 2020 – AI for Good
  • 2019 – AI for Good

We have backed 45 ventures through these accelerators, ventures include:

WeWalk – empowering thousands of visually impaired people to live more fulfilling and independent lives through their AI-powered smart cane.

Recycleye – using advanced machine learning, computer vision and automation to turn the world’s waste into resource.

C the Signs – founded by doctors, they are using AI, data and the latest research to find cancer at the earliest and most curable stage.

Tech to Unite Us


Tech to Unite Us aimed to demonstrate how tech can reach its transformative potential when it’s driven by one of the greatest opportunities of our time – equality. We worked with 9 innovative early-stage ventures, with the potential for transformative social impact at scale and the ambition for growth and sustainability. The cohort included BEAM, Feebris and Carefree. In addition to providing grant funding, we worked closely with them to provide the support they needed to accelerate their growth and prepare for further investment.