On 1st November, we unveiled Nominet Trust’s new website and completely refreshed brand amidst an emotional gamut of excitement, pride – and, quite frankly, relief and exhaustion (if you’ve been through this process, you’ll know what I mean!). Our new brand represents more than just a ‘lick of paint’; it reflects how ‘tech for good’ has evolved since Nominet Trust was set up almost ten years ago and how much we’ve all achieved during that time.

As the corporate foundation of Nominet, our purpose is to transform lives with tech. When the Trust was first established in 2008, our mission was to harness the positive power of the internet and we focused on web access and staying safe online. For some years, however, we’ve been exploring how innovative uses of tech can address a broad spectrum of social challenges and we’ve worked collaboratively to create the conditions for socially motivated tech ventures to thrive.

Our new brand personifies the passion that the Nominet Trust team takes in challenging ourselves and others to think differently about the relationship between tech and society. We do this in three ways:

Leading the conversation: NT100 is our global celebration of socially transformative tech.  Each year since 2013, we’ve showcased 100 of the most inspiring examples of using tech to tackle social challenges around the world.  As we look forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of the NT100 at the end of November, we’ll also be celebrating the leading role we play in nurturing the UK’s flourishing social tech movement.

Enabling growth: We support the development of the social tech ecosystem.  We’re a founding partner of Bethnal Green Ventures, Europe’s first impact investment stat-up accelerator and, with Creative England, have created the £1m iAMDigital fund, which is helping the Government to tackle the UK’s digital skills gap.  And we back initiatives that excite us, such as DigitalAgenda’s Impact Awards.

Investing in change: Since 2008, we’ve invested £30 million in socially motivated tech, supporting over 750 of the most inspiring approaches to using tech to address social challenges.  In recent years, we’ve provided timely funding injections for over 80 early stage ventures, with a successful growth track record.  Our alumni include Open Bionics, revolutionising the design and production of 3D printed bionic hands, Night Zookeeper’s inspirational diagnostic digital platforms harnessing dyslexic children’s creativity, and OpenUp Music’s accessible digital instruments, enabling disabled people to experience the joy of playing music in an orchestra.

Aligned with Nominet’s own commitment to public benefit, the Trust also actively engages in numerous initiatives promoting digital inclusion, particularly exploring the transformative power of digital skills in improving the life chances of young people.  One illustration of this is our Digital Reach programme, a creative new approach, working in partnership with leading youth organisations supporting the most marginalised young people across the UK.

Of course, none of this could happen without the energy of a committed Team with huge hearts and the support of our amazing Board of Trustees.  Our strengths combine well in delivering our purpose.

As digital tech continues to shape our world, revealing new opportunities, we’re acutely aware that persistent social challenges remain.  We need to be entrepreneurial to identify new ways to transform lives with tech.  Our vision is of a future in which social transformation is the driving force behind tech; a world in which tech achieves its full, life-changing potential.  Join the conversation.