Driven by social transformation

Social transformation begins with the change that people want to see in the world. It takes the combined efforts of people and organisations, often working in different sectors, to make it happen.

Transformative ventures have a role to play in shifting the status quo and addressing the root causes of problems. They challenge broken systems and create new ones that reinforce the positive shifts we want to see in the world.

We help transformative ventures, like Tribe, Feebris and many others in our portfolio, to connect and collaborate with others to shift systems.

Our impact areas and theory of change

We’ve identified three core areas where we believe tech has the greatest opportunity to transform lives:

  • Communities – where everyone has the power to make change
  • Health – to support all people to live healthy lives
  • Wealth – for prosperity in our lives, our communities and the world

We collaborate with diverse partners working across these areas to identify and back the people and organisations who have the potential to deliver change.

Through our grant programmes we nurture early-stage transformative innovation, providing funding and working directly with ventures to support them to build and test their models.

We recognise, that many of these ventures need further investment as they build their sustainability and grow their impact.  Our investment approach focuses on identifying, investing and supporting the most promising ventures to scale their business.

We draw on our established networks to connect these scalable approaches with the customers, partners and advocates who can help drive the ventures, and ultimately the change they are working to deliver, to the next level.

Every step of the way, we create a vibrant community, bringing in partners from government, industry and charities to position the UK as a global leader in social tech.

Embedding equality in our approach  

We believe that equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is critical to achieving our vision of a world where social transformation drives tech. When technology is guided by these principles, it can be transformative, which is why EDI is at the heart of the trust and our approach to innovation.  

The events that have unfolded in the last few years further exposed the inequalities that exist within society. To create a more equitable world, our approach to EDI spans three core areas:  

  • Growing a portfolio of ventures whose primary purpose is to advance equality 
  • Providing investment and support to meet the needs of diverse founders and ventures 
  • Working with others to improve our practice 

Working in partnership to support EDI 

As signatories of Diversity Forum’s Manifesto, we have made 7 commitments and 10 initial actions to support our EDI practice. Our membership of forums including Equality Impact Investing Project, enables us to continuously learn and apply best practice in EDI.  

Read our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and Diversity Forum’s Manifesto in full.

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