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By focusing on a specific social challenge and taking an in-depth look at tech’s role in tackling it, we’ll achieve the greatest impact.

From bionic hands to accessible instruments

We’ve invested in hundreds of projects using tech to address social challenges: from Open Bionics’ work developing 3D printed bionic hands, to Night Zookeeper’s creative digital platform using machine learning to provide early diagnosis of dyslexia in children, and OpenUp Music’s design of accessible instruments for disabled people.

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When we began our journey, there was little support available for entrepreneurs and start-ups who wanted to show that tech could do more than just make our lives easier and generate profit – it could actually make our lives better. A decade on, we’ve achieved an enormous amount, supporting over 750 socially motivated tech initiatives in the UK and investing more than £30m in programmes and activities driving social change using tech.

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Our research suggests the next step is to demonstrate to the wider public, private and social sectors the potential of tech to have large-scale social impact. To achieve this, we’re focusing our grant funding in specific areas. We’ll test how we can achieve significant impact in each area, transforming lives and demonstrating what tech can achieve when it’s driven by social purpose.

We’ve launched a new investment programme called Innovate Social Tech, with an initial focus on Tech to Unite Us.