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We’ve experienced what works, and we’ve learned from what doesn’t.

Ten years of working with, and investing in social entrepreneurs gives us a depth of insight and knowledge, and many invaluable connections. We understand the potential of tech as a tool to transform lives and we know how to use it to the greatest effect.

To deepen our understanding, we commissioned Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) in 2017 to analyse the sector of ‘social tech’ ventures and the broader environment in which they operate. We held many conversations about the relationship between tech and society, and the key findings have motivated us to explore how we can truly transform lives with tech.

The findings indicated a gap in the narrative around the relationship between tech and society, and a deficit in skills and resources available for those seeking to transform lives with tech. Through events, research and discussion, we’re bringing together everyone with an interest in the role of technology in society, working across traditional sector boundaries to explore how we address these gaps and achieve a world where social transformation drives tech.

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