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In a world that is advancing faster than ever before, how can we ensure that tech is used as a force for good? How can we guarantee that developments in tech such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain, are inspired by social need? In our new podcast series, we meet the experts and activists and share amazing stories of people using tech to change the world for the better.

Episode One: Big data – why should we care?

In episode one, our guest presenter Adah Parris explores the ethical principles of big data alongside Emma Prest, Executive Director of DataKind UK. They discuss why you should care about the way your information is used, how data can be used for social good and why the industry needs to change its ethics. Plus, we hear the compelling story of peace activist Bjorn Ihler, whose life-changing escape from a terror attack led him to join the fight against violent radicalism, through tech.

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Up next in the series, explore how AI is changing the world for the better.  Tune in again soon!