We have some very exciting news to share about the Trust’s evolution!
After ten years as their corporate foundation, Nominet and the Trust have agreed that the most effective way to scale our social impact is by establishing our independence from Nominet.

During 2017, many of you were involved in our stakeholder discussions, from which our ambitious 2021 social tech strategy evolved.  Our new website clearly sets out our purpose, which is to transform lives with tech.  To deliver our strategy, we need the freedom to expand our grant making and investment activity by attracting more varied sources of funding.

Nominet has supported us with funding of £44m over the last ten years.  They will continue their public benefit programme focusing on security, connectivity and inclusivity, as we build on our own reserves, strengthening our commitment to social tech.

We want to reassure everyone we’re currently working with that support already committed will be unaffected.  We’re communicating our news at the earliest possible opportunity as these developments aim to boost the availability of grants and growth investment for social tech to transform lives.

A huge thanks to our outgoing Chair Natalie Campbell, and Trustees Nora Nanayakkara and Jemima Rellie for their fantastic contribution to the Trust.  We’re looking forward to developing our renamed, independent charity under the strong leadership of our new Chair Bill Liao, who joined our Board back in 2014.  Bill has the full support of Trustees Sebastien Lahtinen, who joined in 2015, and Beth Murray and Hannah Keartland who joined our Board last year.

It’s still early days for our transition, but we’ll keep you updated.  We’re excited about the opportunities 2018 will bring!


Bill Liao                                                                                                                 Vicki Hearn

Nominet Trust Chair                                                                                           Nominet Trust Director