Big White Wall

Using digital to disrupt how we deliver mental health services.

Big White Wall offers a low cost, easier access way of getting peer and professional support for mental health problems. It has also extended its live therapy platform to mental health trusts so clinicians can engage with their patients online.

Jen Hyatt

Jen is a serial social entrepreneur and founder of Troo Life Coach, Big White Wall and Eartime.

"Nominet Trust funding has enabled Big White Wall to tailor its service to the local NHS and the people who are using it."

Jen Hyatt, Founder

The challenge

Around 20% of the UK population has been diagnosed with depression at some time in their life, costing the UK economy alone £105bn. 75% of those affected in the UK go untreated because of waiting lists, stigma or lack of access. Recognising that this was preventing millions from getting mental health support, social entrepreneur and innovator Jen Hyatt founded Big White Wall to digitally support people in 2007.

The aim of the project

Big White Wall is an anonymous digital mental health support network, moderated 24/7 by professionals. Resources run from guided support through modular courses lead by professionals, to peer talking therapies, personal learning, counsellors, and the option of text, audio or video support from clinicians accessed from the comfort of your own home.
In June 2013, Nominet Trust funding enabled Big White Wall to personalise online mental health resources, adopting techniques successfully used in dating and film rental sites, so members are pointed towards the most relevant content.

Positive outcomes

Using digital technology and data analytics, Big White Wall has transformed the mental health journey into one of personalised support and recovery, available immediately and anonymously. 70% of members from local health contracts reported that using Big White Wall improved their wellbeing. People taking the guided support courses for anxiety and depression experienced an average reduction of 3.5 points on the GAD7 (anxiety) and PHQ9 (depression) scales.

Widely recognised for her achievements in the fields of social entrepreneurship and digital technology, Jen has founded or co-created over 30 organisations worldwide ranging from the National Telephone Helplines Association in the UK to a major grant making foundation in the Balkans. Jen also founded Troo Life Coach, currently funded by Nominet Trust.

"In addition to the funding, Nominet Trust has provided us with a wide range of useful contacts, from legal to PR, giving us greater potential to transform into an established mental health service."

Jen Hyatt, Founder

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Further Resources

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