Real-time communication and collaboration between carers of older people.

Konnektis is a reliable, secure digital platform that transforms the communication between formal and informal carers who support the 2.5 million older people receiving care at home.

The challenge

One of the biggest barriers to providing better support to the 2.5m older people in the UK receiving care in their own homes is communication. Hand-written notes are still the main way family and formal carers communicate with each other. This rarely provides the depth of data they require to fulfil older people’s needs and provide the most effective care.

The aim of the project

Konnektis has created an innovative alternative to pen and paper: a secure platform accessed through digital tablets in an older person’s home. The tablets allow professional carers to leave detailed and accessible information at the end of a shift. This gives relatives and formal carers the detail they need to make better decisions to aid wellbeing.

Positive outcomes

As a secure and reliable platform, Konnektis empowers care-givers to provide truly integrative care. In the near future it could be used as a hub for assistive technology and products which support older people living at home. Konnektis is an alumnus of the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme and was funded by Nominet Trust in 2016 to demonstrate its potential; the team worked closely with Age UK Medway to develop the system with carers, family members and older people. The venture secured further Nominet Trust investment in early 2017 enabling the team to take the system to more people and break down barriers to better care.



Further Resources

To find out more about Konnektis visit their website.