Night Zookeeper

An educational online platform inspiring dyslexic children to be creative through writing.

Night Zookeeper is an online writing tool, blog and library of interactive lessons. By interacting with an exciting and unique world filled with magical creatures and evil monsters, Night Zookeeper encourages students to express themselves and develop their skills through creative writing.

Josh Davidson

Josh is Founder and Managing Director at Night Zookeeper and a passionate public speaker on games, education and creativity.

"Nominet Trust has been highly supportive, completely understanding and helped to solidify the social impact of what we do. They are a constant source of encouragement."

Josh Davidson, Founder and Managing Director, Night Zookeeper

The challenge

One in five children in the UK leave primary school with below the national expected levels in reading, writing and mathematics levels according to Dyslexia Action. The organisation also cites that 74% of teachers did not feel satisfied that their teacher training provided them with the skills to identify and teach children with dyslexia.

The aim of the project

Supported by Nominet Trust in 2016, Night Zookeeper helps teachers to identify dyslexia through insights from whole-class data and sentence/spelling structure games. It also encourages reading and writing for children who are less confident, using objectives and tips to give structure to creative writing. The writing tool suggests age appropriate vocabulary for students to include in their stories, and thousands of free interactive lessons to boost student motivation.

The teacher dashboard and auto-assess tools save teachers hours of marking time and there are regular writing competitions throughout the year. All the work the students produce can be published onto a class blog which can then be shared easily and safely with parents.

Positive outcomes

Night Zookeeper has helped over 300,000 children aged 6-11 to develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills. Over 200,000 stories created by users have been published to the website in a month. Using online tools, Night Zookeeper helps to identify those showing signs of dyslexia. Early detection means early support, so teachers can give them the assistance they need straight away.

See the Night Zookeeper characters in action in this short video clip

Further Resources

To find out more about Night Zookeeper visit their website.