An app helping teenagers develop a healthy mindset. helps teenagers make healthier life choices


Jen Hyatt, Founder

Jen is a serial social entrepreneur and founder of, Big White Wall and Eartime.

"Nominet Trust funding enabled to move on from an early prototype to a market-proven product - their support has been phenomenal"

Jen Hyatt, Founder

The challenge

Problems at school, fights with friends and worries about weight – life for a teenager today can be stressful, and many solutions tend to focus on just one part of the problem.

The aim of the project aims to help teenagers make the right choices for a healthier, happier future. By bringing together neuroscience, behavioural economics, psychology and artificial intelligence it offers personalised support through a young person’s smartphone. The app engages each teenager by building trust and creates specialised surveys (presented as games) to establish physical, educational, emotional, social and ethical health.

Using this information Troo can identify teenagers’ specific needs and offer solutions. For example, with a technique called Natural Language Processing, it will identify what is worrying a teenager and offer curated content. Troo also motivates teens to make healthier decisions through challenges and rewards.

Positive outcomes has helped around 10,000 teenagers make healthier choices at a time when their brains have plasticity and habits are formed for life.

Troo has already been selected for the Innovation Showcase of the World Innovation Summit on Health. With funding from Nominet Trust there is the potential to help a new generation of teenagers make choices for healthier lives.



"Nominet Trust have been great partners and deeply understand the context of what we are aiming to achieve. They are the most enlightened, insightful supporters I have ever worked with – and I have worked with hundreds."

Jen Hyatt, Founder


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