26th February 2024 

Ventures selected for first cohort of the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator


12 ventures have been selected as the first cohort to take part in the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator – a new programme supporting impact-led start-ups. The programme is delivered by Catch22 in partnership with Social Tech Trust and Unity Ventures with funding and support from Ufi VocTech Trust, Microsoft and the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. 


David Hinton, Senior Venture Partner at Catch22’s GoodTech Ventures, said: 

“We are thrilled to welcome these 12 outstanding ventures selected for the first cohort of the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator. The selection process was highly competitive, with numerous exceptional impact ventures to choose from. 

At GoodTech Ventures, we are dedicated to supporting founders who are committed to developing tech solutions for a stronger society. We believe that these 12 ventures exemplify this dedication. We look forward to providing our support to these ventures as they embark on their journey to create lasting social impact.” 

GoodTech Ventures supports early-stage impact-led tech founders through a community of practice and an accelerator programme. 

The full set of ventures is available on the GoodTech Ventures website.


Three of the ventures that will be part of the cohort are: 



SuperFi is on a mission to provide urgent support to the 20 million adults who are currently struggling to stay on top of their bills in the midst of the UK’s cost of living crisis. The SuperFi app helps people to stay on top of their bills and out of problem debt. Backed by leading social impact funds, SuperFi has partnered with the Greater London Authority and is working with councils, housing associations and banks to roll out its service across the UK. 

SuperFi Founder, Tom Barltrop, said: 

“Being part of the GoodTech Ventures accelerator program is a unique opportunity to further develop our relationships with public sector organisations to address the lack of scalable support for people across the UK who are at risk of falling behind on their monthly bill payments.” 


Good With 

Good With is a financial behaviour analytics solution, supporting financial services’ risk prediction and decisioning for ‘credit invisible’ young adults. Good With has developed a model that predicts psychological readiness for credit, Readiness Score™, which accurately identifies who these overlooked good customers and potentially risky customers are. This is supplemented by a psycho-education process for collecting that data, FinIQ™ through which we make the ‘invisibles’ visible. 

Founder and CEO Gabriela Isas, and Co-Founder Dr Ellie Kallis said: 

“We are passionate female founders who have personally experienced problem debt and lack of relevant financial education and mental health support. We are committed to Good With’s success and are delighted to start working with GoodTech Ventures team to gain insights and support on how to achieve our impact and commercial goals and deliver on our mission: a world where people, whatever their starting point in life, can become good with money, and safely attain their goals.” 


Cogs AI 

Cogs is an autistic-led technology company building software for the neurodivergent community. Their first product is a mobile application which helps neurodivergent people understand their diagnosis and work through day-to-day situations, such as understanding and regulating emotions, communicating how they feel to others and asking for help in a crisis. 

CEO and Co-Founder Zareen Ali and Felix de Grey, COO and Co-Founder, said: 

“As a new entrant into the public sector, we are very excited to join the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator. We are hoping that the programme will help us to build out a repeatable and scalable route to market, developing on the lessons we’ve learnt from winning our existing contracts in the NHS and local authorities. One of the main appeals for us is the opportunity to be introduced to leaders, commissioners and an array of potential partners who will expand our reach into the public sector.” 


Programmes Director at Social Tech Trust, Chris Blues, said: 

“We are excited to welcome innovative ventures to the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator. These visionary companies are making waves and driving positive change across community development, employment and training, finance, and health sectors. As we embark on the accelerator journey together, we look forward to walking alongside these ventures and supporting them to take their impact to the next level.” 


Director of Ufi Ventures, Helen Gironi, said: 

“We are delighted to welcome the first cohort of impact-driven tech ventures to the GoodTech Ventures Accelerator and look forward to following their progress. At Ufi, we support the development and deployment of vocational technology to help adults gain skills for work. We are particularly pleased that this first cohort includes a strong set of ventures innovating in this space.” 

If you’re a social impact venture who might want to join our next cohort, you can register your interest via the GoodTech Ventures website. Applications will be open in early March. 

23rd October 2023 

Unlocking tech innovation in social and public services


We’re excited to unveil a new partnership to unlock tech innovation across social and public services. Introducing the GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator, a cross-sector initiative dedicated to nurturing emerging tech solutions that drive transformative social impact for people and communities. 

The program will streamline the scaling process for early-stage impact-driven tech ventures, enabling them to create and deploy game-changing digital technologies. 

42% of civil servants believe that their department lacks the tools, resources and skills necessary to utilise technology in transforming public service delivery, a recent government report has revealed. This programme will support founders to scale their ventures and navigate the complexities of social invocation, in turn facilitating digital innovation in the sector and supporting more social ventures to thrive.

The programme will be delivered by Catch22 in partnership with Social Tech Trust and Unity Ventures, with over 700k of funding and support from Ufi VocTech Trust, Microsoft and the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

The programme has two core features of support:

GoodTech Community – this will provide “always-on” venture support through our open community platform helping early-stage founders prepare for scale.

GoodTech Accelerator – working with 30+ SMEs to provide intensive innovation and go-to-market support.


Chris Blues, Programmes Director at Social Tech Trust, said:

“We are excited to partner with Catch22, Greater London Authority, Unity Ventures, Ufi VocTech Trust and Microsoft to scale tech companies that are addressing entrenched social challenges. We believe the GoodTech Community and Accelerator with truly enable the benefits of technology to be shared throughout society.”

Andy Canniford, Chief Development Officer at Catch22 said:

“As we witnessed from the pandemic, innovation and adaptability is a crucial element in effective public and third sector delivery. At Catch22, we are committed to taking the learnings from our operational delivery and building this into our political reform and wider commitment to changing public service delivery for the better.”

David Hinton, Senior Venture Partner at Catch22, said:

“As we embark on this exciting journey with the support of our valued partners, we’re deeply committed to addressing the unique needs of early-stage impact-led tech ventures. This new partnership ensures that we can provide the tailored support, resources, and connections.”

Helen Gironi, Director of Ventures at Ufi VocTech Trust, said:

“At Ufi, we have seen first-hand the transformative role early-stage startups can play within public service delivery. We are really pleased to be able to continue our support of Catch22’s work and the development of the GoodTech Ventures Community and Accelerator.”

Our partners

  • Catch22 is a charity and social business that delivers programmes across education, employability, justice and youth work. Last year, our 100+ services supported over 160,000 people to lead better lives across the UK.
  • The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is a central pillar of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda and provides £2.6 billion of funding for local investment by March 2025. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK investing in communities and place, supporting local business, and people and skills.
  • Ufi VocTech Trust supports the development and adoption of learning technology to help adults across the UK develop the skills they need for work. We have provided more than £28m in grant funding and direct investment to support over 280 tech-enabled projects.
  • Unity Ventures work with businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators who seek purpose beyond profit – unifying business activities with outcomes for people and planet.

Together, we’re ready to revolutionise the landscape of tech innovation in social and public services.

Visit the GoodTech Ventures website here: www.goodtech.ventures