Tuesday 19 December

Social Tech Trust joins forces with TRANSFORM Support Hub to catalyse global social venture movement.


Social Tech Trust is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the TRANSFORM Support Hub, powered by MovingWorlds, in a strategic partnership to propel the social venture movement towards a more sustainable and equitable world. 

The TRANSFORM Support Hub is an innovative platform that connects social ventures with highly valuable resources, including pro bono experts, cost-saving guides, corporate sales opportunities, and follow-on funders—all conveniently centralised in one dynamic space. Through this initiative, social entrepreneurs gain access to targeted learning modules, highly skilled professionals, and valuable networking opportunities with peers and potential corporate partners worldwide. This comprehensive approach not only enhances their knowledge and skills but also opens doors to new opportunities for impact and revenue growth. 

Social Tech Trust’s partnership with the TRANSFORM Support Hub signifies a significant leap forward for ventures aligned with the organisation. By becoming part of this global network, our ventures can efficiently build their brand, develop pipelines, and accelerate the impact of their investments. This collaboration is poised to create a positive ripple effect, providing unparalleled support to social ventures seeking sustainable growth and increased influence. 

“Our alliance with the TRANSFORM Support Hub reflects our commitment to fostering an ecosystem where social ventures thrive,” said Chris Blues, Programmes Director at Social Tech Trust. “By leveraging the Hub’s resources and global network, we empower our ventures to amplify their impact, strengthen their brands, and forge valuable connections that transcend geographical boundaries.” 

Social ventures that have participated in Social Tech Trust’s previous programmes will be able to take advantage of free and ongoing support from early 2024.  

Learn more about the TRANSFORM Support Hub and its transformative initiatives here.