The startup enables electric vehicle owners to make savings on the cost of electric vehicle charging and a green motoring experience, delivered from renewable electricity sources.

For CEO, Nick Woolley, the impact of our AI for Good programme was personal. The structure of the programme meant that he was continuously honing his leadership skills, preparing him to scale their impact. subsequently won the global Free Electrons accelerator programme and Nick puts this down to the executive coaching he received as part of the programme. Nick welcomed the space to think about the value his business brings, and has since implemented Social Tech Trust’s three strands of value – social, user and financial value – into their everyday operations. He has also now developed OKRs (objectives and key results) which place zero carbon emissions firmly at the heart of their everyday operations.

Following our impact management sessions, now measure their impact by the energy saved on each electric vehicle charged on the platform, using renewable energy.

“The AI for Good programme helped us significantly raise our game, launching our company forward in 2019. As a direct result of the camaraderie and coaching on the programme, my pitching performance improved dramatically and we won several accelerators throughout the year including winning the global Free Electrons accelerator, and being awarded the title of “World’s Best Energy Start-up by Free Electrons”.

Nick Woolley, CEO and Co-Founder,




Case study published in October 2020