Building on the great success of our initial AI for Good Accelerator Programme, we’re teaming up with Microsoft for Start-ups for a second time to co-develop and deliver the AI for Good Start-up Programme. 

The programme reflects our shared belief that the biggest opportunity for AI is not for AI to shape our future, but for people to shape AI to make the future we want to see.  The programme seeks to nurture transformative change through AI in four key areas:

> AI for Earth, designed for organisations deploying AI to build a sustainable future and address global environmental concerns spanning agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, and water.

> AI for Accessibility, focused on organisations with AI solutions that help everyone in their daily life, employment, and communication and connection.

> AI for Humanitarian Action, for non-profit and humanitarian organisations providing disaster responses, human rights protection, and support for refugees, displaced people or children.

> AI for Cultural Heritage aims to support people and organisations focused on the preservation and enrichment of cultural heritage. This includes celebrating the people who have made significant impact throughout history, developing digital tools to preserving important monuments for the future generation, engaging with communities for language preservation, and creating ways for collections and archives to be more easily accessed and enjoyed.


Applications are now closed and our 2020 AI for Good cohort has been announced! Read more in our news announcement.


How will the programme benefit ventures?

For four months, beginning in February 2020, the organisations will benefit from the resources, advice, and one-to-one support they need to help scale their AI project with Microsoft, Social Tech Trust and our other key partners.

Our expert-led curriculum covers everything from technical guidance to business development and marketing, packed with workshops, seminars, and tightly focused modules on topics including AI and social impact frameworks.


Meet our 2019 cohort

Last year, we had a cohort of inspiring and imaginative ventures take part in the programme, all on a journey to shape AI to transform the world for the better.  The eleven successful ventures included:

Access Earth

Access Earth is a free platform that allows you to find and rate places by your accessibility needs.



Agricompas specialises in agricultural data analytics to create knowledge and decision support for all users in major crop value chains.



Agrimetrics provides, connects and analyses complex data to drive greater productivity for agrifood businesses and deliver food sustainably.



The BetterSpace mission is to turn the tide on mental illness, by creating a world-leading mental wellbeing recommendation algorithm.



City MAAS has a vision to reduce congestion and emission in smart cities using Blockchain and AI. City MAAS Assist is a pilot programme that helps people with disability to travel in smart cities. enables electric vehicle owners to enjoy savings on the cost of EV charging and a green motoring experience, delivered from renewable electricity sources.



iDyslexic is a new social app for those living & working with dyslexia & ADHD, with built-in secure classrooms connecting parents, students, teachers and caseworkers.


Immersive Rehab

Immersive Rehab creates interactive physiotherapy programmes in Virtual Reality that improve the effectiveness of physical & neuro-rehabilitation.


Shock Innovations

ThermaFY from Shock Innovations, simplifies thermography by making it easier to compare and interpret thermal images.


Upstream Health

Upstream Health provides innovative technologies and new service approaches for health and social care teams, making a positive difference to clinicians, patients and families.



WeWALK is the world’s most revolutionary smart cane developed for the visually impaired people.