94% of waste ends up in landfills and oceans. Contaminated recycling is typically disregarded into the surrounding ecosystems. Without recycling, there is more plastic in our supply chains that cannot be repurposed, which typically results in landfill or strewn across the local environment. These break down and consequently end up in our food systems, negatively influencing human health.

How can we fix this?

Scrapp is a patent pending, purpose-led platform on a mission to reduce global waste. It all starts with our free-to-use app that helps people to recycle correctly. In a nutshell, the Scrapp App scans your waste items and shows you exactly which bin they go in according to your local recycling rules. We’re tackling the issue of contaminated recycling and increasing recycling participation.

The idea for Scrapp was born after the co-founders, had a series of conversations about their frustration with the amount of contamination they saw in recycling bins around their university campus. It had gotten so bad that it was almost impossible to tell the difference between rubbish and recycling. But this wasn’t just a local issue. We soon learned that people all around the world struggle to recycle right every day. And the stats show that many of us, for several reasons, aren’t doing it correctly. This has led to roughly two-thirds of all recyclable consumer packaging ever made ending up in landfill. Things needed to change.

We first designed an elaborate AI module that would automatically sort people’s recycling for them. This school project concept bagged us a spot at the EPA’s America Recycling Conference in Washington DC – the largest of its kind in the US. Whilst we received great feedback, we realized pretty soon after that we’d face major challenges in scaling this particular solution and ensuring it was accessible to all. At this time, we stumbled across BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits, and this research inspired us to take a far more human-centred, behavioural-science approach.

What is your vision for the future?

We want recycling to be a viable and widely adopted method to appropriately handle waste. We hope that consumers feel engaged with it, industry is benefitted from it and the number of raw materials we produce as a species drastically decreases, thanks to effective recycling.

How can people get involved?

Get the app and spread the word about what we do. This will help us expand our datasets and onboard new customers and maximise our impact as a company. We are also seeking investment to help us scale our operations. If you’re like to find out more about Scrapp, get in touch with the team.