Tech to Unite Us is our £500k grant programme that aims to demonstrate how tech can reach its transformative potential when it’s driven by one of the greatest opportunities of our time – equality.  We’re working with 9 talented teams.  All are innovative early-stage ventures, with the potential for transformative social impact at scale and the ambition for growth and sustainability.  The ventures are receiving grant funding and we’re working with them to provide the support that they need to accelerate their growth and prepare for further investment.

Each venture will receive a grant of up to £45,000, plus additional support to scale their social impact.

Tech to Unite Us ventures are:

Beam –
Beam is the world’s first crowdfunding platform for employment training for homeless people, tackling homelessness by empowering homeless people to sustainably support themselves.

Carefree –

Carefree is a tech-driven social intervention designed to support and sustain unpaid carers, the invisible workforce that underpins our social care sector.  With the help of the hospitality industry they offer short breaks for full-time carers in hotels and holiday cottages throughout the UK, managed via their automated booking platform.

Chatterbox –

Chatterbox is a platform that enables high-skilled refugees to do work that leverages their skill set and ultimately facilitates rapid socio-economic reintegration of these refugees into society. The platform currently offers language-learning courses that connect professionals to refugee tutors from a similar professional background to guide them through an engaging online language curriculum.

Feebris –

Feebris is a mobile health platform, powered by AI, that enables non-medical users to diagnose and monitor complex health conditions in the community.

On our Radar –

Radius, from On our Radar, closes the gap between those with needs and those with influence. It uses simple mobile technology to unlock the insight held by vulnerable communities, turning their experiences into expertise.

RightsDD –

RightsDD is building software to help companies identify, address and report on modern slavery in their supply chains.

StreetBuilder –

StreetBuilder is a web platform that helps ordinary people to transform their neighbourhood. It crowdsources scheme proposals from communities and validates them in real time in a novel, digital, application of co-creation.

The Tribe Project –
The Tribe Project is a social action initiative to upskill members of the community in areas of inequality to become paid community carers.  Tribe brings people together locally to show where there is a need for some help, allows people to offer their support, records when the job has been completed and measures the ‘social value’ of the volunteering action.

Workerbird –

Workerbird helps low-wage workers collect what they deserve. Workers use the Workerbird platform to track their work life and pay, get valuable data insights about their working patterns, understand their rights as an employee and receive support to improve their working conditions.