ThermaFY is one of the 11 imaginative tech startups selected for our 2019 AI for Good Programme. They make it easy to compare and interpret thermal images.

Founder and CEO of ThermaFY, Amanda Pickford thought she just had some clever tech that would help workers like plumbers, to do their jobs better. The software enables them to interpret thermal images via a camera device and an app. But after taking part in our social impact curriculum, Amanda soon began to see things through a different lens.

Through the programme, she realised that her product has the potential for much deeper and more meaningful social and environmental impact – alleviating fuel poverty, reducing our carbon footprint and improving the quality of Housing Association properties.

The AI for Good programme supports ventures like ThermaFY to maximise their social and financial impact, while preparing them for future investment. Amanda and the team have recently been awarded a contract to pilot their latest product, ThermaFY Protect, in two Chelsea and Westminster hospitals. Thermafy Protect is a touch-free hand sanitiser and thermal scanning station, which supports businesses, hospitals and care settings to protect staff and visitors by monitoring and recording those who are ‘fever-free’.

“AI for Good has fundamentally changed our business. We have now developed a much more robust business that addresses the needs of both our customers and their customers. But more importantly this programme also made us focus on the wider societal and environmental impacts our software will have. This has completely changed the narrative of our business and I think this is why we are now seeing greater traction.”

Amanda Pickford, Founder and CEO, ThermaFY


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Case study published in October 2020