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May 2018

Social Tech Ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa

May 2018

A study by Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) commissioned by Nominet Trust, Comic Relief and Indigo Trust, explores how the social tech ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa can be strengthened to help grow social tech initiatives.

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February 2018

Podcast: Our Lives + Tech

Feb 2018

In our new podcast series, we meet the experts and activists to ask those all-important questions about socially motivated tech.

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Transforming Lives with Tech: A Global Conversation

Feb 2018

To celebrate five years of NT100, our latest report reveals some key insights about what it takes to enable social tech ventures to scale and looks at future trends in socially transformative tech.

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January 2018

STS5 visualisation

Jan 2018

Social Tech Seed 5 visualisation

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July 2017

Digital Reach Prospectus

Jul 2017

Digital Reach reimagines digital skills delivery by putting expert youth organisations at the heart of programme - those with existing and trusted relationships with the hardest-to-reach young people.

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May 2017

A Social Impact Evaluation by Aleron

May 2017

Evaluating the social impact achieved by Nominet Trust's flagship "Social Tech" programmes since 2013

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December 2016

Everyday Tech Heroes Storybook

Dec 2016

Discover some of the inspiring pioneers featured in the 2016 NT100, who are putting digital tech to work to solve the social challenges in our everyday lives.

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NT Canvas Template

Dec 2016

The NT Canvas helps social tech organsiations tests their assumptions and supports the creation and assessment of a business model and a business plan. Try it out here.

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NT Canvas Paper

Dec 2016

Hear how the NT Canvas enables socially motivated tech ventures to begin testing their core business model right from the outset.

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October 2016

Financial Statement 2016

Oct 2016

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December 2015

Financial Statement 2015

Dec 2015

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November 2014

Financial Statement 2014

Nov 2014

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October 2014

Mapping learner progression into digital creativity

Oct 2014

A STATE OF THE ART REVIEW written for Nominet Trust by Julian Sefton-Green and Lucy Brown

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September 2014

Measuring the Growth of Your Social Tech Business

Sep 2014

Measurement is an important part of developing any business and a social business is no different. This paper explores how you can measure the growth of your venture.

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August 2014

The Triple Helix of Social Tech Innovation

Aug 2014

This paper describes the way in which the three values of social tech - social, user and financial - interrelate at different stages of a venture’s development. It also hints at the dynamic, changing nature of the ways these values are articulated and demonstrated over time.

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July 2014

A Better Web

Jul 2014

This paper explores how we can reclaim a sense of control over technologies and respond to our unease around the internet.

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March 2014

The personal (computer) is political

Mar 2014

Understanding how digital tools are made helps us to recognise how they afford, constrain and mediate our actions – from the many new opportunities for connection that they afford, to the obvious character constraints of Twitter to the less obvious constraints of how a search engine presents only the ‘relevant’ links to you.

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December 2013

Financial Statement 2013

Dec 2013

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August 2013

Exploring the potential of technology in later life

Aug 2013

This report brings together a lot that is known about the role digital technology can play in later life, but it also opens up new ways of thinking about the use of digital technology across the lifecourse

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March 2013

Mapping Digital Makers

Mar 2013

A STATE OF THE ART REVIEW written for Nominet Trust by Julian Sefton-Green

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January 2013

Can online innovations enhance social care?

Jan 2013

Exploring the challenges of using digital technology to develop new models of support for older people

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August 2012

Lapsed Internet use amongst young people

Aug 2012

Oxford Internet Institute explores why there is a significant minority of young people who are not able to navigate or connect properly in our online world.

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July 2012

Open Data and Charities

Jul 2012

A STATE OF THE ART REVIEW written for Nominet Trust by Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadbolt, Thanassis Tiropanis, Kieron O’Hara and Tim Davies

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June 2012

The Digital Edge

Jun 2012

A PROVOCATION PAPER written for Nominet Trust by Tim Davies, David Wilcox and Alex Farrow

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May 2012

Employment and the internet

May 2012

This document provides a baseline of data around employment and digital technology.

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April 2012

Re-addressing the challenges facing young people

Apr 2012

This insight paper aims to stimulate thinking and raise questions that may inspire new debates, approaches, tools and technologies to better address the multiple challenges, needs and issues facing young people, particularly those who are out of work or not in education or training.

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November 2011

Charities’ use of the internet

Nov 2011

A State of the Art Review written for Nominet Trust by Dr Eleanor Burt and Professor John Taylor

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